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Nikki Nichole Rattray - Baldwin has many talents. She has been writing songs on and off since she was eight (8) years old and has sold many to old & new upcoming artists all around the world.  Whether it's writing an original work, or taking an existing hook or score and adding lyrics to it Mrs. Rattray Baldwin has done it all.

Nikki asserts that her songs are her "babies", that they are an expression of her, and that they  will live on to inspire the world even after she's gone.  She went on to say that each song to her has a special meaning & were  the direct result of what was going on in her life. 

Growing up a ward of the state Nikki began writing music as a way to escape, express, & cope with her circumstances.  A little after joining the military Nikki stopped writing music to focus on her career.  It took the death of her best friend, her great-grandmother and her father to re-spark her creative gene. Nikki's list of original singles that she chose to keep include:
          Pain, Good Girl, No Makeup, Sisterly Love, Another Man, 4 letter words, This ole world, Nikki Nichole, Money Hungry, Christmas Blues, The Homeless, Right Now, and many more.

The death of her sister in 2010 was a major blow and Nikki nor her music has been the same. She admits that there's a lot to do before her single is to be released but Nikki asserts that she will take all the time she needs to perfect it because "you can only be the newcomer once"...
The Singer/Songwriter
Nikki N. Rattray Baldwin