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Nikki N. Rattray Baldwin
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Biomedsearch home advanced search tools search tutorial login | create free account document detail   herniation of cerebellar tonsils following supratentorial shunt placement. Medline citation: pmid:â  9753408 â â â  owner:â  nlm â â â  status:â  medline â â â  abstract/otherabstract: acquired chiari 1 following ventriculoperitoneal shunting is an extremely unusual event. We report the case of an 8-year-old boy who presented with clinical and radiological signs of cerebellar tonsil herniation shortly after the placement of a cystoperitoneal shunt. buy generic viagra online Quantitative analysis of posterior fossa volumes (pfv) revealed that the patient had a smaller posterior fossa than age-matched normal controls. This abnormality, expressed as a decreased ratio between the posterior fossa and the supratentorial cavities (pfr), had already been present when the preoperative mri was done. viagra y consumo de alcohol Our results suggest that preexisting structural abnormalities in the posterior fossa may constitute an important factor in the development tonsillar herniation following supratentorial shunts. Authors: j a lazareff; j kelly; m saito related documents : 16432558â -â esophageal intramural pseudodiverticulosis with food impaction. 1865578â -â hypophosphatasia in an adult: a case report. puede mezclar viagra y alcohol 7673948â -â clinical and topographical range of callosal infarction: a clinical and radiological co... daily viagra and blood pressure 16728418â -â building an anonymized catalogued radiology museum in pacs: a feasibility study. generic viagra without prescription 21133858â -â post-partum voiding dysfunction and urinary retention. viagra daily covered insurance 1985588â -â acute rheumatic fever in west virginia. Not just a disease of children. viagra pills Publication detail: type:â  case reports; journal article â â â  journal detail: title:â  child's nervous system : chns : official journal of the international society for pediatric neurosurgery â â â  volume:â  14 â â â  issn:â  0256-7040 â â â  iso abbreviation:â  childs nerv syst â â â  publication date:â  1998â augâ  date detail: created date:â  1998-12-03 â â â  completed date:â  1998-12-03 â â â  revised date:â  2004-11-17 â â â  medline journal info: nlm unique id:â  8503227 â â â  medline ta:â  childs nerv syst â â â  country:â  germany â â â  other details: languages:â  eng â â â  pagination:â  394-7 â â â  citation subset:â  im â â â  affiliation: division of neurosurgery, ucla school of medicine, los angeles, ca 90095-7039, usa. Export citation: apa/mla format â â â  download endnote â â â  download bibtex mesh terms descriptor/qualifier: arnold-chiari malformation / complications,â  pathology cerebellar diseases / etiology*,â  pathology child cranial fossa, posterior / abnormalities encephalocele / etiology*,â  pathology humans intracranial hypotension / complications*,â  diagnosis intracranial pressure magnetic resonance imaging male tomography, x-ray computed ventriculoperitoneal shunt / adverse effects* from medlineâ®/pubmedâ®, a database of the u. cheap viagra online S. National library of medicine previous document:  melanotic progonoma of the brain: a. viagra cost Believe In Yourself!