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The thought of acting NEVR crossed Nikki's mind until her friend (Zulema) asked her to come to The University of West Florida and support her as she auditioned for the play Man of LaMancha. The director (Chuck Wagner) hand picked Nikki to be his Lady Dulcena.  Nikki walked in a cheerleader and walked out an aspiring actress.

After that Nikki did various projects while still in the military but could not commit because the military came first.  April 2007 she left the military to spread her wings and indeed she did take off! Immediately she was casted as Helena in "the 11th commandment", in "3CPTG",  "the lesson", The Landon Bands "only 20" video, a Pilot Project, a reality show (the Prodigy), many promotional modeling jobs, print modeling jobs, & etc. 

After the 3 month reality show "sham", various "shady producers", bad contractors, an unexpected surgery, and  family/friend drama Nikki became so agitated with her circumstances her IBS made her incapable of traveling. Nikki got so fed up with everything she broke down and decided to leave the business in mid 2008 to "take care of home". The death of her sister at the end of 2010 made her re-evaluate what she wanted out of life. She's back with a plan & determined to succeed. Be on a look out for Pensacola's newest Pensacola Rising Star!
The Actress
Nikki N. Rattray Baldwin